Rihanna and Kate Moss acting like lesbians…for fashion

Rihanna and Kate Moss are not two names I would not have put together when it comes to combining women for a fashion shoot, nor would I have had them pretend to be lesbians in it. I guess that’s why I am not in fashion. Of course there are about a thousand other things about fashion I don’t understand, but one thing I do understand is that having Rihanna and Kate Moss climb all over each other, faux kissing, and pretending (?) to be lesbians is all right in my book. Which I suppose is why V Magazine did it. In the fashion world this sells magazines. Hell in any world it sells any thing, but I digress. If you’re feeling like digging deeper into the background of this shoot, knock yourself out, it’s all (kind of) explained here.

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Photo credit: YouTube/V Magazine