Rihanna fans are finally sick of her sh*t, throw stuff at her

Rihanna has been getting a lot of heat from her fans lately for showing up late to concerts and less than stellar performances and apparently they’ve had enough as they threw things at her as she performed in Manchester the other day.(Warning: NSFW language because Rihanna.)

Rihanna’s response to having things thrown at her was typical Ri-Ri, “There’s a good crazy and there’s a bad crazy. When you throw sh*t up here, that’s an epic fail…I swear to god, cut that sh*t out. Really, chips? Chips though?!” Seriously, I’m with Rihanna here. Chips? Don’t they have batteries in England? At least she didn’t hit anyone in the head with a microphone this time.

I for one applaud Rihanna for always being late to her own concerts. It takes real drive and dedication to achieve something like that when you make millions from those very same performances, and you have people on your staff specifically in charge of making sure you are NOT late, and the concerts don’t usually take place until well into the evening. You have to really want to be a jerk to accomplish something like that on a regular basis. Well done, Rihanna. You truly are a shining star.

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