Rihanna really knows how to suck on a straw

Rihanna keeps such a low profile that I somehow missed this hot behind the scenes video when it came out. But I am never one to not share something sexy that I discover with our dear readers so here we go. (That was a joke by the way, about Rihanna, in case you missed it. And if you did, I’m sorry.) Anyhoo, Rihanna recently did an interview, photo shoot, etc. with Rolling Stone magazine that if you are a fan of the singer you should check out. And if you’re not a fan of the singer, but just enjoy looking at women with stunning good looks who aren’t afraid to share those good looks and pretend to do naughty thing on camera then this video was made just for you. Now there’s no topless pictures of Rihanna or anything, but it’s still one of the better photo shoot videos I’ve seen from her, and well, hey, that’s pretty good too.


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Photo credit: Rolling Stone