Ring girl Michelle Ulibarri is one super sultry sexy ‘one to watch’

Ring girl, model, and bodybuilder Michelle Ulibarri is the embodiment of outstanding modern ambition let loose upon both the camera and the American fitness industry. At age 16, in 2006, Michelle signed with her first agency and it’s been nothing but bikini and bodybuilding competitions, being a Ring Girl for MMA WSOF on NBC/NBC Sports, and working for the likes of Reebok and Golds Gym since.

And get this, Michelle is also the mom of a three year-old boy. Talk about your fit moms. You would do well to keep your eye on this incredible woman, if you’re looking for an example of what hard-won achievement really looks and sounds like. That my friends, is why Michelle Ulibarri is without a shadow of a doubt “one to watch.”

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Photos: Matt Faxon