Rose McGowan got totally naked for a new art video

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything from actress Rose McGowan so her being completely naked in a new “art” video makes total sense. It’s simply what you do now if you’re a female celebrity and want attention.

Granted I can’t actually show you the video here, but I can tell you all about it.

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First off, we toss around the word “naked” a lot when it comes to celebrity videos, but in most cases it’s implied nudity with the naughty parts all covered up. That is not the case here. Rose McGowan is actually, truly, very naked in this video. So there’s that, which is nice.

As to what the video is about? Well, I’ve read the description and I’m still not sure. Maybe you can decipher it.

Rose McGowan moves intuitively around her LA home in this tender portrait by Marlene Marino, shot earlier this year when the photographer captured the American actress for the latest issue of lifestyle title Apartamento. The Brian De Palma and Quentin Tarantino favorite made her name in tongue-in-cheek slasher Scream and supernatural series Charmed, and established her cult status in director Gregg Araki’s 1995 comedy thriller The Doom Generation, which saw the pin-up entangled in a sordid ménage à trois. Yet shooting today’s short was a strict case of ‘Two’s company.’ Having met through director Ridley Scott’s Black Dog Films—set to release McGowan’s directorial debut Dawn—the actress and Marino bonded over a shared attitude towards beauty. “Marlene and I were just celebrating femininity,” she says of the visceral short that is soundtracked by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, who previously scored Shane Meadows’ This Is England. “I think people can rise higher than the consensus of what is considered sexy; our only objective was to do something natural. I didn’t act, I just flowed into it.”

See what I mean? Here’s the link to the video – go nuts.