Samuel L. Jackson’s Playboy interview is an absolute must-read

Samuel L. Jackson is one of our favorite actors, not just because he is good at acting, but also because he isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. And that’s exactly what he did in a new interview with Playboy. Consider this a cleansing from all the Miley CyrusKanye West bullshit we’ve been inundated with the past couple of weeks.

Samuel L. Jackson image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

Samuel L. on Django Unchained

Spike [Lee] saying “I’m not going to see Django because it’s an insult to my ancestors”? It’s fine if you think that, but then you have nothing else to say about the movie, period, because you don’t know if Quentin insulted your ancestors or not. On the other hand, Louis Farrakhan, who these blackest of black people say speaks the truth and expresses the vitriol of the angry black man, can look at the movie and go, “Goddamn, that’s a great fucking movie. Quentin Tarantino told the truth.” Dick Gregory’s seen the movie 12 fucking times.

Samuel L. on the one thing he wouldn’t do onscreen…

Probably dress up as a woman and kiss another guy. I don’t think people want to see me do that. [Quentin Tarantino] hasn’t asked me, but you know what? If it’s done right and the story is good, I might.

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Samuel L. on the first time he had sex…

In Georgia there was a family of girls who lived through the woods from us, and we all used to meet at this creek and swim naked. I was about 10 or 11. I think two of the girls were about 14, 15, so that’s when it happened. Girls were interesting to me, period. They could be fat, skinny, tall, short, ugly, beautiful—as long as they were willing to do that thing.

Samuel L. on his drug use…

They ask you in rehab to take an assessment of how you got to the point you’re at, and I said, “I guess I could have gone to that audition without my eyes red, without smelling like the beer I had or the weed I’d smoked.”

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Samuel L. on dealing with groupies…

I’m not that superfine hot guy who makes those lists of “handsomest men in the world” or “most eligible men.” When I was a young actor in the theater, I could put out that certain vibe that says, “Hey, I’m available—who wants this?” There’s also a way to turn that off. I don’t have it switched on because I don’t want to be bothered with the shit that comes with it.

Samuel L. on directing…

I don’t have that directing thing. I don’t want to be out there setting up shots all day. I like to act. I read the script and sign the contract. I like hanging out in my trailer watching Judge Judy and eating sandwiches.

And that, folks, is why we love Samuel L. Jackson.

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