The 40 sexiest Kate Upton videos on the Web

2011 and 2012 have been the years of Kate Upton. Hardly a week went by without her doing something sexy in print or on video. Personally, I prefer the videos, thus today we have this stellar collection. It also helps explain her ranking here as the woman we were most thankful for in 2012. After you watch the videos, you too, will be very, very thankful. You’re welcome.

Photo credit: YouTube/Esquire

40 A Date with Kate Upton, Part 2

I simply had to show you this one first. Watch part one here.

39 MLB All-Star Game

Kate in a ballcap and baseball pants. I think I’ve had this dream.

38 Guess #1

For Guess Accessories 2011. One of the first companies to really bring Kate to our attention.

37 Cat Daddy Redux

Shot for Bleacher Report. Keep reading, there’s more where this came from.

36 Guess #2

For Guess Accessories 2010. This was before she was even a household name. Thank you, Guess!

35 ‘Cosmo’

Behind the scenes of one of her most prestigious fashion photo shoots.

34 ‘CR Fashion Book’

This one’s a little bit odd, but hey, fashion!

33 Guess #3

For Guess Spring/Summer 2011. By this time I think they knew they were on to something.

32 Skullcandy

Kate’s a part of the Skullcandy Supermodel Crew with Chanel Iman, Jessica Stam, and Chrissy Teigen. Nice group.

31 ‘Vogue’

More proof that she’s becoming mainstream now.

30 Beach Bunny #1

A look behind the scenes of one of her many bikini shoots for the company.


A completely pointless ad featuring fabulous use of gratuitous sexual images.

28 The Dougie

The video that launched her into the stratosphere.

27 Swimsuit Superstar

Kate is quite suitable for Supercuts like this.

26 Beach Bunny #2

One of the final versions of a great shoot she did for Beach Bunny.

25 Slo-Mo

It’s Kate Upton in slow motion. What else do you need to know?

24 Beach Bunny #3

A look behind the scenes of another swimwear photo shoot. We do love behind the scenes bikini videos.

23 Beach Bunny #4

A shoot she did for their bridal collection. She’s quite versatile!

22 Beach Bunny #5

Yet another bikini shoot. Don’t worry, they never get old.

21 Bouncing Supercut

Kind of like the “Slo-Mo” video, only better.

20 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue #1

A smoking hot look behind the scenes of her shoot for the 2012 Swimsuit Issue.

19 Beach Bunny #6

And this why we’re such big fans of Beach Bunny.

18 ‘Love’ magazine

Perhaps the best Easter video ever made.

17 ‘Vogue’ Italy

The fashion world has officially caught Kate Upton fever.

16 Hardee’s Behind the Scenes

Stay tuned for the actual commercial. Too hot.

15 SoBe

The people in the marketing world have also caught Kate fever.

14 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue #2

From 2012, the year she nailed the cover like few before.

13 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue #3

From her rookie year, 2011, in which we all saw the greatness yet to come.

12 SoBe Staring Contest

No way you can beat her. Not a chance.

11 ‘GQ’ Behind the Scenes

Stay tuned for the actual photo shoot. It’s ridiculous.

10 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue #4

Outtakes from her cover year. We do love us some outtakes too.

9 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue #5

Body paint video from 2011. This is without a doubt the #1 reason she got the cover in 2012.

8 ‘Complex’

Just Kate doing some chores down on the farm.

7 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue #4

Another hot video from the year she bagged the cover.

6 Hardee’s

The epic commercial we mentioned before. Arguably the greatest commercial ever.

5 ‘GQ’

The finished product of the amazing behind the scenes video we showed you earlier.

4 ‘Vogue’ Germany

Topless in a pool with water squirting on her face. Yay fashion!

3 ‘Esquire’

Kate in a tiny top with a pair of scissors and a bathtub. Whoever came up with this is a genius.

2 The Cat Daddy

The original Cat Daddy, in a very, very, very small bikini top.

1 Guess #4

A little striptease on a bed? ‘Nuff said.