Who is the sexy actress in the Jared ‘Airplane Proposal’ commercial?

If you watch TV even a little bit, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen the Jared “Airplane Proposal” commercial featuring a beautiful young blonde actress being proposed to by her boyfriend. And if you’re like us you wondered who that actress is. Here’s your answer. Her name is Maliabeth Johnson (or Maliabeth Johnson-Abrams as it says on her Facebook page) and she’s got a very interesting resume.

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According to her IMDB page, Maliabeth has acted on many of the shows we watch at one time or another including Parks and Recreation, Suburgatory, How I Met Your Mother, Cougar Town, CSI Miami, and Arrested Development. She’s also one of the main characters in the music video for the song “Wait For Me” by Moby. And for a little additional trivia, the guy in the video is actually her husband Max Abrams (thus the alternate name on her Facebook page).

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