Who is the sexy actress in the Quiznos ‘Floasted’ commercial?

Surely by now you’ve caught the Quiznos “Floasted” commercial for their Bourbon Steak Sub, right? If so, then you’re probably like us and wondered who is the hot actress saying “Floasted” in the commercial? Here’s your answer. Her name is Dana DeLorenzo and you may be surprised where you know her from.

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In addition to several small roles on shows such as Sullivan & Son, Workaholics, and 2 Broke Girls, Dana DeLorenzo also voiced the character of Sandra Peterson, a rhino head that hangs over the fireplace on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Apparently this is something she’s good at – doing voices – because DeLorenzo has a week old YouTube video showing her doing impressions. She’s also played Beth, the CBS censor, on Ferguson as well. Follow Dana on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo credit: YouTube/Quiznos