Sexy singer Jhene Aiko busts out in boobtacular new pics for ‘GQ’

As GQ puts it, “Jhene Aiko is the fantasy girl who rappers are always complaining doesn’t exist.” But as we can clearly see here she does exist and truly is the stuff of fantasies.

In this month’s GQ, Aiko chats about men…”If a man has a chef and maid, then I can’t practice my domestic powers. Mostly, I just don’t want a guy who would waste money.”

Her debut solo album…”There’s no fucking around with this album.”

Smoking weed…”I probably smoke weed twice a week and have no problem sleeping for ten hours.”

And looks as tasty as blueberry pie…

Here’s Jhene telling us how to score a date with her. Take notes…

For the full article and more hot pics, check out The May issue is on newsstands now.

Photos: Silja Magg/GQ