SI swimsuit model Hannah Davis makes plain white tees look really hot

What’s the best way to talk about six of the coolest white tees available today? Why have SI swimsuit bombshell Hannah Davis pose for pictures wearing them, of course! Those folks over at GQ are no dummies.

Of course you can’t just have pictures and nothing else (sure you can when it’s Hannah, but play along) so they also chatted about how despite Hannah being in the SI Swimsuit Issue twice she still gets turned away by bouncers thanks to her being just 23 and her ID being from the Virgin Islands and how when she grew up there she was a kickass tennis player. They also tried to get some dirt out of her regarding her relationship with Derek Jeter, but didn’t get very far.

Check out all the details as well as four more hot pics over at GQ.

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Photos: Gordon von Steiner/GQ