Steve Buscemi talking about ‘Buscemi Eyes’ is like ‘Meme Inception’

Buscemi Eyes meme

Steve Buscemi recently discovered the classic Internet meme Buscemi Eyes. He didn’t think it was funny, so naturally Seth Meyers busted out some pics of Disney princesses rocking his eyes to see what the audience thought.

“It makes those characters a little bit hotter,” quipped Buscemi. Well played, sir.

That wasn’t the only legendary Steve Buscemi Internet staple that they he hit on either, as you’ll see. Before tackling the Buscemi Eyes meme Seth also had to bring up Steve’s famous movie deaths supercut, “The Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi.” Sadly, they kind of glossed over that part, but just so you’re fully informed (and entertained) here it is…