Obsessed fan allegedly wanted to kill Miranda Kerr

Steven C. Swanson, the obsessed fan, allegedly said he wanted to kill Miranda Kerr, but as any decent stalker will tell you, he had a very good reason. Swanson, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, according to the Cape Cod Times, called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to let them know that he planned to fly to L.A. to kill Miranda Kerr. He said that he wanted to “rescue her” because she is his “soul mate.” She is so much his soul mate that when Cape Cod police went to his home they found, according to the court record, pictures of Kerr “all over Swanson’s refrigerator, microwave and bookshelf.” When asked for comment Swanson replied, “It rubs the lotion on its skin.”*

(*Not true, but seemingly plausible.)

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Miranda Kerr Obsessive Detained [Vogue UK]

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