Taylor Swift keeps a framed photo of Kanye interrupting her in her house

Why does the fact that Taylor Swift keeps a framed photo of Kanye West interrupting her on a wall in her house make me think that this woman is never, ever going to get married? Not that it surprises me even in the slightest. This girl can hold a grudge like very few people in the world. Watch your back Jessica Hart.

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Reports Vulture

On the wall of her ­living room, I noticed a photograph in a gilded frame: the famous image of Kanye West, stage-crashing Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Underneath the picture is a caption, handwritten by Swift: Life is full of little interruptions.

Taylor Swift comes off as this sweet, innocent, unblemished girl, but if at some point down the road bodies of people who have spurned her over the years suddenly came up missing, let’s just say I may have saw it coming.

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