Tetyana Veryovkina is the sexiest woman you’ll see today

Tetyana Veryovkina is a name many of you aren’t familiar with, but hey, you didn’t know who Emily Ratajkowski was a year or so ago either and Tetyana Veryovkina has the same kind of potential, as you will see.

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Unfortunately we don’t know a whole lot about Tetyana Veryovkina (yet) other than that she makes these sexy new pieces from Kinga Lingerie look like it was hand-crafted to fit her body. We do know that one can follow her on Facebook and Instagram, so hopefully as do just that we’ll get to learn more about her. In the meantime, I wonder if Robin Thicke has any new videos coming up. We may have found his next big star.

Photo credit: Kinga Lingerie