The top 80 female celebrity crushes of the 80s

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Ah yes, the 1980s—the Cold War, acid-washed jeans, crazy hair, heavy metal and some of the most beautiful women of the 20th century. Take a look at our 80 female celeb crushes from the decade and tell us if you agree.

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80 Loni Anderson

Loni Anderson got her breakthrough on WKRP in Cincinnati because the producer said, “she had a body like Jayne Mansfield and the overall sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe.” He wasn’t setting the bar high or anything.

79 Rebecca De Mornay

Remember when Tom Cruise wasn’t in the closet and banged Rebecca in Risky Business? Yea, that was cool.

78 Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh’s performance in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was adorably slutty. Is that a kosher term?

77 Yasmine Bleeth

Long before Baywatch, Yasmine Bleeth’s talents were on full display for the popular soap opera Ryan’s Hope. Unrelated, she lives a few blocks from me and the years have not been kind. That said, still a MILF.

76 Meg Ryan


I’ll take Top Gun Meg Ryan over every other version of her. Agreed?

75 Tamilee Webb

You may not remember the name but you remember the backside. Tamilee Webb’s Buns of Steel was the zenith of 80s fitness videos.

74 Tanya Roberts

Tanya was a sex symbol of the 80s which basically equates to, “crappy actress who did Playboy.”

73 Pat Benetar

Just think of zebra stripes as the 80s version of yoga pants. Except WAY hotter you guys.

72 Cassandra Peterson


Raise your hand if you remember Cassandra Peterson. Anyone? Bueller? Now raise your hand if you remember Elvira’s cleavage.

71 Brooke Shields

Calvin Klein

Here’s an interesting tidbit of info: Shields was 15 when she filmed nude scenes for Blue Lagoon (1980). She later testified in congress that body doubles were used.

70 Debbie Gibson

Broke up with my first girlfriend while Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth played at the skating rink. I was 9 but it was still dramatic.

69 Dolly Parton

What a nice pair of eyes.

68 Heather Thomas


I think it’s pretty mean that nobody told Heather Thomas about her cameltoe.

67 Traci Lords

Traci Lords made over 100 adult films but only received $35,000 as compensation. At $.50 a BJ that makes her the cheapest prostitute ever.

66 Mariel Hemingway

Mariel made a lot of movies in the 80s, none of them good. Her grandfather is Ernest Hemingway and that’s why people give a damn about her.

65 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts came on strong late in the 80s with Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias. Then she got annoying and now everyone hates her.

64 Susanna Hoffs

Hoffs tried a solo singing career but she’s best known as a member of The Bangles—the group who gave us “Manic Monday” and “Walk Like an Egyptian.”

63 Paula Abdul

Kids, there was a time when Paula Abdul didn’t abuse vicodin and alcohol. I swear you guys, I saw it with my own eyes.

62 Sybil Danning


Sybil Danning might be the queen of B movies. Doesn’t say a lot for your career but hey, it lands you on lists like this.

61 Sally Field

We like you Sally, we really, really, like you.

60 Brigitte Nielsen

Most of you remember Brigitte for her role in Rocky IV. I’ll remember her for her odd relationship with Flavor Flav.

59 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is the most photoshopped celeb of all-time. I maybe made that up. But did I?

58 Helen Slater


57 Erika Eleniak

Remember when Baywatch was about saving lives and helping people and not bouncy broads on the beach? Yea, neither do I.

56 Shannon Tweed


Tweed is known for her mainstream erotica thrillers. Also, she hooked up with two of the biggest playboy’s of the 20th century—Hugh Hefner and Gene Simmons.

55 Princess Diana

Princess Di wasn’t hot, per se, but she exuded beauty. And because she’s dead I will not speak any ill will of her.

54 Jessica Hahn

Many of you youngsters probably don’t remember Jim Bakker but think a cheaper version of Joel Osteen. A sluttier version too as his sex scandal with actress Jessica Hahn nearly sank him.

53 Audrey Landers

In the 80s, Audrey formed a lethal hot sister combo with Judy.

52 Markie Post

Markie starred in two of the best 80s shows—The Fall Guy and Night Court. She was adorable in both.

51 Farrah Fawcett

One of the biggest stars on this list and certainly one of the biggest sex symbols. The poster pictured above broke sales records. It also broke hearts. R.I.P.

50 Judy Landers

The second half of the Landers combo and an original WAG who married Dodgers relief man Tom Niedenfuer.

49 Donna Mills

Donna Mills was the very definition of sexy vixen with her role as Abby Cunningham on Knots Landing. The ultimate cougar in her day.

48 Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is weird-hot, if that’s a term. Her role as a mermaid in Splash defined her career.

47 Lori Loughlin

I can’t believe Uncle Jesse was hittin’ this. It hurts me deep inside to know that.

46 Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a place on earth” is a great song to lose your virginity to. On par with REM’s “Losing your religion.”

45 Vanna White

Come on you guys, Vanna doesn’t even turn the letters anymore. She could be the laziest millionaire ever.

44 Janet Jones

So Wayne Gretzky hit the ugly man’s lottery right? I guess that’s what you can pull off when you’re called “The Great One.”

43 Nastassja Kinski

Kinski was reportedly one of Roman Polanski’s sexual conquests—she was 15, he was 43. God that guy’s gross.

42 Diane Lane

I believe the term “pop your cherry” came from Lane’s role as Cherry Valance in The Outsiders. A fine film but an even better book.

41 Bo Derek

FACT: Every male between the ages of 8-65 owned a Bo Derek 10 poster.

40 Goldie Hawn

I may or may not have Goldie Hawn’s 1985 Playboy stashed in a box labeled, “spank bank.”

39 Morgan Fairchild


Did you know? Morgan Fairchild used to be John Kerry’s love interest. Related, she’s sort of a GILF.

38 Charlene Tilton



Forget about Tilton as Lucy Ewing on Dallas, girl should have been a bikini model. Wow.

37 Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner’s most important contribution to film? She was the voice of sexy Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

36 Kirstie Alley

Yes, Kirstie Alley used to be curvy, not thick and yes, she used to be hot. She’s come a long way since then.

35 Carol Alt

In the 1980s, Alt appeared on more than 500 magazine covers including the SI Swimsuit in 1982. Few have rocked a swimsuit as well as her.

34 Cheryl Tiegs


Many consider Tiegs as the world’s first supermodel. I consider her as my first love despite never meeting her.

33 Lea Thompson


Remember when Lea Thompson tried to bang her future son Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. That was weird in a hot way.

32 Justine Bateman

Like, on Family Ties, why did Skippy think he could score with Mallory? Bro, you were an ugly nerd. Ugly nerds never got the girl until the 90s.

31 Michelle Pfeiffer


Pfeiffer didn’t peak until the late 80s, otherwise she would be higher on the list. One of Hollywood’s all-time beauties.

30 Victoria Principal


A true testament to the Dallas popularity of the 80s as Pam Ewing comes in at #30 on our list.

29 Debbie Harry

If I was old enough, I’d have been a Debbie Harry groupie. Follow her around to concerts, sleep with her, etc. Would have made for a good life.

28 Kelly LeBrock


Kelly LeBrock’s filmography includes Weird Science and uh, actually I have no idea what else she did. But she was really hot in that movie.

27 Cheryl Ladd


Known fondly as the woman who replaced Farrah Fawcett on Charlie’s Angels. Sadly, she never parlayed that role into much else.

26 Olivia Newton-John

Full disclosure: Olivia Newton John’s leather outfit at the end of Grease made me a man.

25 Tawny Kitaen

The name may not mean much but you remember the legs—Tawny was in Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” music video.

24 Lita Ford


I think Lita Ford was a musician and not a butt model. She should have been the latter.

23 Paulina Porizkova


Paulina Porizkova was discovered when a friend sent photos of her to a modeling agency, hoping to get noticed as a photographer. She went on to fame and fortune, he went on to film pornos. Presumably.

22 Vanessa Williams

Beauty queen, actress, model—there’s not much Vanessa Williams hasn’t done. Well, except me…but I digress.

21 Lisa Hartman

Yet another Knots Landing actress lands on this list. It was like the Melrose Place of the 80s.

20 Carrie Fisher


Probably the biggest nerd crush in history. Every man has wanted their woman in that gold bikini.

19 Lynda Carter

I fully admit to never watching a single episode of Wonder Woman. Have no idea what her powers are other than magical cleavage.

18 Amanda Peterson


Cindy Mancini? Captain of the cheerleaders? I’d do the African Ant Eater ritual for her (a little Can’t Buy Me Love reference for the old folks in the room).

17 Jamie Lee Curtis


LEGS. FOR. DAYS. And no, she’s not a hermaphrodite. Stop spreading that rumor you guys!

16 Cybill Shepherd

CyBill’s hot in a sophisticated way which is a nice way of saying she’s a MILF.

15 Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger deserves to be higher on this list simply for her performance as Vicky Vale in Batman.

14 Suzanne Sommers

Oh Chrissy Snow, why wouldn’t you just sleep with Jack? Such a tease. But hey, great thighs.

13 Samantha Fox


Think Britney Spears sans meltdown and wardrobe malfunctions.

12 Demi Moore

Serious and important question: Short-haired Demi Moore vs. short-haired Meg Ryan, who’s hotter?

11 Robin Givens

I blame Mike Tyson for her demise. Nevermind the fact she couldn’t act.

10 Lisa Bonet

80s dream threesome—Denise and Mrs. Huxtable. No? Just me? Ok, this is awkward. Moving on…

9 Elle Macpherson


Before young boys scoured the internet for porn, there was the SI Swimsuit edition. Elle went back-to-back-to-back on the covers from 1986-1988. She was kind of a big deal.

8 Elizabeth Shue

Important question: Why did Ali dump Daniel LaRusso? He was just peaking dammit!

7 Stephanie Seymour

Blah, blah, blah famous supermodel. Just look at her in that bikini.

6 Cindy Crawford

I feel sorry for those who think Crawford’s just that annoying bitch on late night infomercials. I would do nasty things to that mole.

5 Christie Brinkley


Probably the most successful model of the 80s and certainly one of the most beautiful women in the world. At 58, she still turns heads.

4 Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland appeared in the SI Swimsuit edition 13 consecutive times. I feel I know every nook and cranny of Ireland’s body and that’s not at all creppy.

3 Madonna

Disregard the veiny, troll-like creature you see today. Madonna was thee sex symbol of the 1980’s. Every guy wanted to do her, every girl wanted to be her.

2 Heather Locklear

You know what’s odd? Heather Locklear probably peaked in the 90s and yet she comes in at number 2 on this list. Hell, I’d put her as one of the hottest women of the 20th century.

1 Phoebe Cates

YouTube/Universal Studios

Fun fact: This Phoebe Cates bikini scene is responsible for more erections than Viagra. True story.