Twitter Crazy: This week’s best celebrity tweets

best celebrity tweets

eldh, Flickr

Every week celebrities go on Twitter and speak their minds. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re thought-provoking, and sometimes we don’t know what they’re talking about. This list is all of that and more. Strap in. It could get bumpy.

Photo credit: eldh, Flickr

I guarantee you that line’s been used by someone by now.


C’mon, let’s focus, people.

Then, “Oh shit…”

Simply too early for that sort of thing.

It’s taking over.

That’s the spirit.

And this is why she’s still so popular.

Solid question.

So much to look forward to.

By the way, can someone explain what they are for anyway?

Ah “quirky” … the great catch-all.

EVERYONE agrees with this and yet people still do it.

That’s next on the list.

No idea.

So stop asking.

Oh, Andy.

I bet this made half of America angry.

They’re not?

She should be.

They’d sell out in a day if they were.

What’s your point, Gillian?

No argument here.

She’s joking, but that would be awesome.

Seriously, let’s do this.

Now about those lollipops…