Valerie Keil is your Miss August for 2013

As if the headline alone wasn’t enough to pique your interest, Playboy put together a little behind the scenes video of their Miss August Playmate Valerie Keil for your viewing pleasure. This isn’t your usual fare when it comes to Playboy Playmate videos, but I am sure that sort of thing is just around the bend. It’s still good though as you can see from the GIF above. Plus, they also have pictures of Valerie Kiel on their Web site (hey, it’s what they do). That being said, if Valerie wants Playmate of the Year honors she’s going to have to top Kristen Nicole’s video, which is still the standard-bearer for the year so far. (Though the fact that Valerie knows how to shoot a gun makes me hesitate a little in making that statement.)

Want even more Valerie Keil? Much more, plus an interview, right here.

Photo credit: YouTube/Playboy