Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel actually called herself ‘introverted’

Wait, what? Candice Swanepoel, the model who we see nearly naked (or in many cases completely naked) in photo shoot after photo shoot is…introverted? Brain…does not…compute.

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Reports HuffPo

No matter how many times she does it, Candice said, she gets nervous — and not just on the runway. She’s still adjusting to the fame that comes from being a Victoria’s Secret Angel. “I’m kind of introverted, so sometimes it’s hard for me for people to recognize me, [especially] if I’m trying to be kind of undercover,” she admitted.

I feel you, Candice. It must hard to spend day after day wearing little to no clothing, posing for photos that’ll be seen by millions, and then want a little privacy when you’re out in public. No wonder Lena Dunham wants nothing to do with looking like women like you. What a pain.

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