Want to watch the Tila Tequila sex tape? Here’s how…


Tila Tequila image by s_bukley/Shutterstock

Just a little public service announcement here. The VERY eagerly awaited Tila Tequila sex tape has now been released and despite my having no fathomable idea why it would be popular it surely will so here’s how to watch some of it.

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Perhaps the reason for people wanting to see it has to do with the fact that for about 8 minutes she was an Internet celebrity who did some work for MTV — in other words she’s your basic 21st century celebrity. Or maybe it’s because she has such deep thoughts on Adolf Hitler, Paul Walker’s ritualistic murder, her deep thoughts on the state of the government, or maybe just because she has super powers. Or…maybe it’s just because everyone is a pig who loves them a little porn action. Guessing it’s that last one. Oh yeah – here’s the link. Knock yourself out.

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