Who is the sexy actress in the Bud Light ‘Blind Date’ commercial?

Surely by now you’ve seen that Bud Light commercial with a guy and a girl on a blind date toasting all the things that didn’t go wrong while their friends look on. Have you wondered who the actress is in this blind date back-up plan ad? Here’s your answer. Her name is Jessica Little and here’s what we know about her. She hasn’t done a lot of work outside commercials according to her IMDB profile, but she does have an acting reel that you can watch below. Jessica Little is also on Facebook where it says that she is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, but now lives in New York City where she does some improv. Her improv profile also tells us that she was in the Rascall Flatts music video “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” and was in the romantic comedy 24 to Score. I don’t know what that is, but let’s hope it leads to even more roles in movies. She seems fun.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Bud Light