Who is the sexy actress in the Shark Week ‘Snuffy the Seal’ commercial?

As you are probably WELL AWARE by now, it’s Shark Week. And you are probably aware because you saw the funny Shark Week commercial about Snuffy the Seal. Did you wonder who the actress was who plays the shocked reporter? Here’s your answer. Her name is Tracy Pendergast and she’s definitely an actress to keep an eye on. According to her IMDB profile, just this year alone she’s been on three TV series: Mystery Diners, The Mindy Project, and Girl Code. She’s also been in several other TV ads as this commercial reel shows. (Including one for Edge Shave Gel where she dons a green bikini – Watch it below.) Oh yeah, one other small detail: she was Miss Howard TV for the month of May 2008 (yes, more bikinis). Follow her on Twitter and Facebook and her own excellent Web site.

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Tracy Pendergast in that green bikini…

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Photo credit: YouTube/Discovery