Who is the sexy actress in the Smirnoff Sorbet Light commercial?

Have you seen that Smirnoff Sorbet Light commercial where there is a sexy actress running from scene to scene? Have you ever wondered who that actress is? We’ve got your answer. Her name is Arielle Vandenberg and she’s no stranger to doing commercials as not only is she in this fun Smirnoff Sorbet Light commercial she has also done ads for M&M’s, Garnier, Coors, Breathe Right, and Pepsi among others. And unlike pretty much everyone else we’ve profiled, Arielle Vandenberg has her own Wikipedia page where it says she is signed as a model and has been on TV shows such as Meet the Browns, Greek, CSI: Miami, Bones, How I Met Your Mother and Numb3rs, as well as appeared in movies like Epic Movie and The Ugly Truth. It also mentions that she is dating Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. You can follow Arielle Vandenberg on Twitter and Facebook if you are interested in learning more about this up-and-coming actress.

She also has her own YouTube page where she posted these cool videos.

Photo credit: YouTube/Smirnoff