Who is the sexy redheaded actress in the Cox Communications commercial?

If you live in an area serviced by Cox Communications you surely have seen a commercial featuring a sexy redheaded actress looking very happy to have their cable. Have you ever wondered who she is? Here’s your answer. Her name is Alie Ward and she’s a very busy and talented lady. She is a painter, an actress, and a writer who has written for L.A. Weekly and the L.A. Times. But wait there’s more! She is also known for her Alie and Georgia online videos, where she and her friend Georgia Hardstark share their unusual recipes, which they turned into a little gig for The Cooking Channel. You can follow Alie Ward on Twitter and on Facebook and check out a sampling of her Web series below.

Oh, and she and Alie also buds with our Staff Writer (Alcohol Expert) Colin Joliat. That too…

Colin Alie Ward

Colin Joliat

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Photo credit: YouTube/Cox