Who is the sexy redheaded actress in the Lumosity commercial?

By now you’ve surely caught one of those Lumosity commercials where they talk about how they can make you smarter with brain training exercises, right? Have you caught the one with the sexy redheaded actress? Want to know who she is? Well, her name is Heather Gilliland from Chesapeake, Virginia and this isn’t the only commercial she’s done. She’s also done work for NASCAR, Intel, California Tourism, Motorola (watch that one below), Red Laser, and JP Morgan Chase. Heather has a very informative Web site and can be followed on both Twitter and Facebook. Heather Gilliland is also a film actress and was nominated for best actress at the Angeleno Film Festival in Los Angeles for her performance in Curvature in 2010 and at the Niagara Film Festival for her performance in Redneck Roots in 2011. Next she will be appearing in an independent film called What If. Busy lady, this Heather Gilliland.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Lumosity