Winnie Cooper and Avril Lavigne making out on video

A few weeks ago the Internet got thrown into a tizzy over some super sexy pictures of Danica McKellar (AKA Winnie Cooper) on the set of an Avril Lavigne video. What we didn’t know then is that Avril Lavigne and Winnie Cooper were going to be making out in the video. (Oh, those pics? Right here.) The video is for Avril Lavigne‘s cleverly titled new song “Rock N Roll” and I guess the song is okay (I only heard a few seconds of it. Too busy scrolling to the good part.) The video is actually quite weird, but that seems to be the way to make videos now so what do I know? And Avril is pushing 30 so this seems more like something Miley Cyrus would do, but again… I guess this is one way to get off our most overrated women list and make a little more cash.

Photo credit: YouTube/Avril Lavigne