Wait, when did Winona Ryder get super hot again? Watch and see what we mean

Sure, back in the day, the day being long, long ago, Winona Ryder could have passed for a little hottie, but those days have passed, right? Not according to this brief video she shot recently. Sure, she was on our list of the 100 sexiest actresses over 40 last year, but she was at #45 and let’s be honest, the pickings do get a little slimmer at that age when it comes to picking the hottest famous celebrities.

All that being said, this video for V magazine, albeit very brief, shows Winona in a light we haven’t seen in what, 15, 20 years? Are there pictures that go with this video? I mean, what the…? SHIT, THERE ARE! And they’re hot too? What year is this?! Am I awake?

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