50 women we want to see more of in 2013


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You know how you see an actress and say, “Why don’t we see her more often? I sure would like to.” Well, that’s what this list is. Some of these women are blasts from the past that we hardly see anymore and miss terribly. Some are women who we do see every now and then, but would really like to see doing even more work. And some are women who actually do have regular gigs, but deserve the opportunity to expand their resumes to include other, bigger projects.

FYI, this is just our list. There are surely other women that we didn’t cover that you would like to see. So after making your way through these 50 great women tell us who would you like to see more of this year? I bet we’ll agree.

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50 Linda Cardellini

We remember her as Lindsay Weir on Freaks and Geeks and Samantha Taggart on ER, but for the last few years we’ve hardly seen her at all. Sure she was the voice of Cordelia Starling in the video game Lollipop Chainsaw, but that isn’t getting it done for us, especially since all she seems to do these days is voice work.

Photo credit: YouTube/Maximo TV

49 Kelly Hu

Hu, Miss Teen USA in 1985 and Miss Hawaii USA in 1993, enchanted us in The Scorpion King and X2, but that was eons ago, as her most recent work of note was in 2011 on The Vampire Diaries. Thankfully she will be co-starring with Rosario Dawson and Idris Elba in a film called They Die by Dawn, scheduled to be released sometime this year.

Photo credit: Maxim

48 Izabella Miko

Hard to believe that Izabella is only 32 because we first fell for her her back 2000 with her role in Coyote Ugly. Since then though it’s been slim pickings for the gorgeous blonde from Poland. Sure, she played Athena in Clash of the Titans, but we want a little more.

Photo credit: Aruna666, Wikimedia Commons

47 Winona Ryder

Who didn’t love Winona Ryder in the late 80s and throughout the 90s? People in their 20s, of course, and that’s why we want her back. Yes, she was in Black Swan, but that was Natalie and Mila’s vehicle. Still only 41, Winona needs to bring back some of those acting chops that she used to get award nominations for. Perhaps Homefront with Jason Statham and James Franco will be that role in 2013.

Photo credit: YouTube/Lionsgate

46 Emmanuelle Vaugier

Remember when Emmanuelle Vaugier was on CSI:NY? And Two and a Half Men? And Covert Affairs? And Lost Girl? Okay, that last one is still on the air, somewhere. My point is why hasn’t she landed a really good regular gig by now? Her next big project is the film Deception with Cuba Gooding Jr. Ugh. Someone get this woman a better agent.

Photo credit: YouTube/PETA

45 Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci

david_shankbone, Flickr

Christina Ricci has made like a jillion films. Some very good, many bad, but we were excited that she got that nice role on Pan Am. Then it was canceled. Like Winona Ryder, we want her back, but back doing the great acting like she used to do. Bring it, Christina.

Photo credit: david_shankbone, Flickr

44 Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly, owner of one of the most impressive Playboy layouts ever created by the legendary magazine (look it up), hasn’t done jack since her epic role on My Name Is Earl, a role she was nominated for by both the Golden Globes and Emmys by the way. And don’t say she was on I Hate My Teenage Daughter, because that was a big failure. It’s time to get this woman back in the type of role she deserves – and we want to watch.

Photo credit: YouTube/NBC

43 Estella Warren

In 2000, Estella was #1 on the Maxim Hot 100. Only then did she start doing films, making a nice career for herself with Driven and Planet of the Apes. Then, uh, well, let’s just say it’s been rough going. And we don’t like that. We want her back. The good news is that she’s been working on three movies. Hey, it’s a sign of progress even if they don’t exactly look like blockbusters.

Photo credit: YouTube/Starz

42 Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

crystal lifi, Flickr

For those unfamiliar, Aishwarya Rai is a legendary Bollywood actress who became somewhat of an Internet sensation in the mid 2000s because, well, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Since then, she’s kind of vanished. In fact she hasn’t even made a film since 2010, and then she had a baby in 2011. Time to get back to work, Aishwarya, preferably in the States this time. Please?

Photo credit: crystal lifi, Flickr

41 Robin Tunney

Remember when she used to make cool movies like The Craft, End of Days, and The Zodiac? Don’t get me wrong, she’s doing quite well starring on The Mentalist, but how about mixing in another film for us fans, Robin? You’ve got some real clout now. Make it happen.

Photo credit: YouTube/CBS

40 Amber Tamblyn

We liked Amber on Joan of Arcadia, and again on House M.D., and we even enjoyed her cameo in Django Unchained, but really, at this point why is she doing cameos? Come on Hollywood, we deserve more of Amber than that. Get this woman a starring role soon (as in this year).

Photo credit: YouTube/Anchor Bay

39 Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert captured our attention in Mean Girls and on Party of Five back in the day and it seemed like big things were on the horizon for her. Now she mostly does voice roles. Voice roles? Have Hollywood producers taken a good look at her? Let’s get her back to work in front of a camera and not behind a microphone, and soon.

Photo credit: Sixsteps, Wikimedia Commons

38 Denyce Lawton

She was on House of Payne for a couple of years and now she is on Girlfriend Confidential: LA, a reality show, but come on, this girl is gorgeous and talented. Can’t we do better than a damn reality show? I guess the answer to that is “maybe,” because she could be in up to five films this year. Let’s just hope at least one of them is something we actually want to see.

Photo credit: MudBabee, Wikimedia Commons

37 Rhona Mitra

Man, what happened to Rhona Mitra? Anyone remember Underworld: Rise of the Lycans? Okay, probably not the greatest example, but she was good in it. And it’s not easy to replace one of our all-time faves, Kate Beckinsale, in a role. Unfortunately, since then she hasn’t really been in anything worthwhile. Can someone please get her a role in a decent show or movie? We’d really like to see her again.

Photo credit: Joits, Wikimedia Commons

36 Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles

David Shankbone, Wikimedia Commons

For the longest time it seemed like Julia Stiles had disappeared. The thing is she was still making movies, it’s just that they were rarely anything we ever wanted to pay money to watch. Now it looks like she’s found her mojo a bit after recent roles on Dexter and in Silver Linings Playbook. Let’s keep the ball rolling in 2013, okay Julia?

Photo credit: David Shankbone, Wikimedia Commons

35 Diane Lane

Diane Lane has been in just three films since 2009. That’s simply tragic. Luckily on June 14th we’ll get to see her again in Man of Steel. Let’s hope that this is a sign that she’s planning on getting back to work on a more regular basis.

Photo credit: YouTube/Golden Globes

34 Jamie-Lynn Sigler

There was once a time when we wondered if Jamie-Lynn would ever be able to top playing Meadow Soprano. She came pretty close on Entourage, but that was back in 2009. And we’ve been waiting ever since. At least she’s back on TV now with Guys with Kids, but can’t someone get this woman a decent role in a movie? I mean, come on Hollywood, she’s way overdue.

Photo credit: YouTube/G4TV

33 Paz Vega

Oh Paz Vega, where have you been? Why are doing so many films in countries other than ours? Is it the language thing? Because we don’t care of you’re in one of our films speaking nothing but Spanish, just come back. We know you can speak English quite well though as evidenced by Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, but we want to actually see you again, not just hear you.

Photo credit: YouTube/NOC

32 Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez

david_shankbone, Flickr

Dania might be the sexiest current actress we’ve seen to not land a big TV or movie role. It seems like she is always getting supporting parts. Which would be fine, if she would just get more of them. Problem is, she hasn’t been real busy the last few years. In fact she didn’t do anything in 2011. The good news? She has a pilot called Devious Maids that’s been picked up by Lifetime and set to air sometime this year. The bad news? It’s on Lifetime.

Photo credit: david_shankbone, Flickr

31 Rachel Nichols

We finally thought we were going to get to see Rachel Nichols on a regular basis when she landed that role on Criminal Minds, but it lasted only one season. Her role in Conan the Barbarian role was nice, but pretty much no one saw that. And now she’s on Continuum. (Quick, tell me what channel that’s on?) We want to see her doing more stuff like Scarlett O’Hara. Can that be arranged?

Photo credit: YouTube/Maxim

30 Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

Jodi Lyn OKeefe

Glenn Francis, Wikimedia Commons

For the longest time we wondered if Hollywood had completely forgotten about one of the sexiest pairs of eyes ever to grace the screen. After 76 episodes of Nash Bridges, ending in 2001, JLOK all but disappeared until her role on Prison Break. Now she’s suddenly not getting much work again. Hopefully that will change when she appears in the film The Frozen Ground with Nicolas Cage and John Cusack in 2013. Wait, Cage and Cusack in the same movie? That can’t be possibly good.

Photo credit: Glenn Francis, Wikimedia Commons

29 Elizabeth Mitchell

We loved Elizabeth on Lost, and we loved her on V, and now we love her on Revolution, so why can’t someone put her in better films than The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause? Like, now.

Photo credit: Jay Cox, Wikimedia Commons

28 Roselyn Sanchez

Has it really been over three years since Roselyn starred on Without a Trace? Since then she’s been in the film Act of Valor and uh, well, not a whole hell of a lot. On the bright side, sort of, she’s also going to be appearing on that Lifetime show I mentioned earlier, Devious Maids, with Dania Ramirez.

Photo credit: YouTube/Maximo TV

27 Keri Russell

Keri Russell must have made a lot of money on Felicity because we sure haven’t seen much of her since and that ended in 2002. But now she’s on that new show The Americans and set to appear in the film Dark Skies so maybe someone actually has been listening to our prayers.

Photo credit: YouTube/Esquire

26 Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor

Eva Rinaldi, Wikimedia Commons

Every time we think our favorite ever Transformers star (yes, we like her better than Megan Fox, Isabel Lucas, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, though it’s a very, very tight competition) has finally landed the role in which we’ll get to see her on a regular basis the rug gets pulled out from under us. Charlie’s Angels and 666 Park Avenue being canceled are just the latest disappointments. Can someone please find one of our favorite Aussie actresses a show that lasts more than half a season please?

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi, Wikimedia Commons

25 Laura Vandervoort

Oh Supergirl, where have you been? It’s been almost two years. Yes, you were in Ted, but not nearly enough for our taste. You’re only 28 so you still have time to come back to us. Unfortunately, the three films you’re set to be in during 2013 don’t appear to be real winners. Let’s hope we’re wrong.

Photo credit: YouTube/PETA

24 Devon Aoki

Okay, what has Devon Aoki been doing? Modeling? Because it sure hasn’t been acting. Maybe she’s smarter than the rest and is just living off all her dough and having fun. Did 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City really pay her that much? Regardless, we miss her and want her back on the silver screen ASAP.

Photo credit: YouTube/Universal Pictures

23 Candace Cameron Bure

Fans of Full House have been waiting a long, long time for Candace to become a regular again on TV or in films. I know, I know, she was on Make It or Break It for three years, a show on ABC Family that no male we know ever watched. Other than that she’s been the queen of the TV movie – movies geared 99.99% towards women and devout Christians. Unfortunately 2013 is looking like more of the same. Let’s pray that’s not the case. Damn you, Mike Seaver.

Photo credit: Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com

22 Katie Holmes

We all know what went wrong here. She should have been in the second and/or third Dark Knight films, but well, you know. Now she hasn’t made a movie since 2011. But she’s free from, you know, now and we want to see her back on the big screen. And hey, it looks like that might actually happen in 2013! Fingers crossed.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

21 Lynn Collins

If you saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine or John Carter (probably didn’t see that last one, did you?) you know why we want more Lynn Collins in 2013. We’ll just leave it at that. Get it done, Hollywood.

Photo credit: YouTube/Walt Disney Pictures

20 Kelly Carlson

Can someone please explain to us why Kelly Carlson hasn’t had any starring movie roles? Seriously. Especially back in the day when she was the hottest thing going on Nip/Tuck? (Who can forget that lesbian scene with AnnaLynne McCord?) Did she not want to do films? Damn but she could have really steamed up the big screen. Even now, at age 36, she could still bring it if she was just given the chance. Perhaps she needs a better agent. Tweet me, Kelly.

Photo credit: YouTube/FX

19 Natalie Martinez

The first time we saw Natalie was in the remake of Death Race 2000 with Jason Statham in 2008. Every single appearance she made in that film made us say, “Damn!” However, for some reason, since that role she hasn’t exactly been busy. A short stint on the quickly canceled ABC TV show Detroit 1-8-7 being the only exception. We do have hope for the future though as she is set to star in a new series, Under the Dome, based on the excellent Stephen King book, which is supposed to begin airing sometime this year on CBS. We can’t wait.

Photo credit: Maxim

18 Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster

Andre Luis, Wikimedia Commons

You know why we always look forward to those Fast and The Furious movies? Well, it ain’t for Vin Diesel’s thespian stylings. And yes, we know that Jordana is on the reboot of Dallas, but, yeah… The fact that 40% of the films she will have been in during her acting career by the end of 2013 have the words “Fast” and “Furious” in the titles needs to change, and soon. Real soon. Please?

Photo credit: Andre Luis, Wikimedia Commons

17 Aly Michalka

We were so excited when Aly landed the role of cheerleader Marti Perkins on The CW show Hellcats in 2010 and she delivered everything that we hoped for. Everything. Then it ended in 2011. So much for that. Two years later the very talented 23 year-old is still looking for another solid gig. At least we’ll get to see her in Grown Ups 2 this year and knowing Adam Sandler he’ll be sure to put all of her talents to their proper use. (See Chung, Jamie – The first Grown Ups.)

Photo credit: YouTube/The CW

16 Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku

david_shankbone, Flickr

Sure, Dollhouse was a bit of a failure, but it gained a pretty nice cult following and we actually enjoyed Eliza in that role. So why hasn’t she done anything other than small recurring parts on shows like Torchwood: Web of Lies and Leap Year in the past two years? Maybe her appearance in this year’s thriller The Scribbler with Katie Cassidy and Michelle Trachtenberg will get her back on the map. Let’s hope so.

Photo credit: david_shankbone, Flickr

15 Megalyn Echikunwoke

We miss Dr. Tara Price from CSI: Miami. Oh sure, she had a recurring role on 90210 for awhile, but well… Thankfully, very soon we’ll get a Megalyn fix in A Good Day to Die Hard, but after that there isn’t much on her plate. Someone needs to change that, pronto.

Photo credit: YouTube/Regard

14 Penelope Cruz

We’ve seen more of Penelope’s (arguably) hotter sister Monica the last couple of years than we have of Penelope herself. Think about it, what was the last flick you saw her in? Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? That was in 2011. Sex and the City 2? That was in 2010. (If you say To Rome with Love, I don’t know you.) Time to get back to work Penelope. We miss you.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

13 Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

nicolas genin, Wikimedia Commons

Lord knows that dating Ryan Gosling has got to take a LOT out of a woman, but come on Eva, other than your most diehard fans can anyone out there name a film you have been in (other than in a cameo) since 2007? You’re bordering on being famous for being famous at this point. And none of us want that to happen.

Photo credit: nicolas genin, Wikimedia Commons

12 Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Tom Sorensen, Wikimedia Commons

Yes, we know that you’re a big sports fan, and yes, we know that you have been busy with your sports-themed clothing line for women, but hey, Alyssa, how about getting back on the big screen or at the very least on the tube? That’s where we became huge fans of yours in the first place and we miss you there. Your last film was in 2011 and it was not memorable. What’s that? You’re going to be playing the lead character in a TV drama on ABC called Mistresses this year? And its supposed to start airing in May? Thank you very much.

Photo credit: Tom Sorensen, Wikimedia Commons

11 Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle

Anthony Citrano, Zigzaglens.com

Can someone in Hollywood PLEASE get this woman in the right acting role? Simply put, she’s Megan Fox with acting talent. I mean, really, just one acting role in an independent film in 2012? We can do better than that, can’t we? Oh, I guess we can since there’s a chance she’ll be appearing in as many as seven movies this year. About damn time.

Photo credit: Anthony Citrano, Zigzaglens.com

10 Odette Annable

Odette Annable

Tom Sorensen, Wikimedia Commons

The woman many of us thought would one day become the next Megan Fox has thankfully aimed higher than that and succeeded. So why then have two of her last three movies been voice roles in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3? Her job on House M.D. is over so can we get get this woman a juicy movie or TV role so we can get back to enjoying her talents? By the way, does anyone else here still find themselves referring to her as Odette Yustman? No, just me? Never mind then.

Photo credit: Tom Sorensen, Wikimedia Commons

9 Isla Fisher

When we saw her in Wedding Crashers (way back in 2005) we thought this was a girl we could definitely get behind. Unfortunately she hasn’t given us much of a chance at that since she’s been pretty content just being the mom to Sacha Baron Cohen’s kids. Thankfully, she is going to appear in The Great Gatsby this year so maybe that means she’s ready to finally ready get back to work.

Photo credit: YouTube/Team Coco

8 Evangeline Lilly

Lost’s last episode was in 2010. Since then all we’ve seen Evangeline appear in is Real Steel, where she was fantastic, in 2011. Unfortunately she’s pretty much disappeared since while shooting two of The Hobbit movies. Good news for some people since one of them is set to be released this year, and bad news for others, like us, who think that isn’t exactly the type of role we want to see her in. Patience is a virtue, right?

Photo credit: YouTube/ABC

7 Freida Pinto

Remember all that acclaim Freida got for her role in the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire…in 2008? Yeah, well, since then she’s been in, uh, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Immortals, and about four other forgettable films, including none – zero – in 2012. What are we missing here? Get this woman a good movie role and now, people.

Photo credit: YouTube/Complex

6 Nan Yu

If you’ve seen The Expendables 2 then you know exactly why we want to see a lot more of Nan Yu in the future. And if you haven’t, then you really need to see Nan Yu in The Expendables 2. End of story.

Photo credit: Edichina, Wikimedia Commons

5 Ali Larter

Name the last thing you remember Ali Larter being in other than Heroes? By the way, Heroes ended in 2010. Okay, let me help you out. She was in Resident Evil: Afterlife …also in 2010. Now keep trying…not much to remember is there? We want you back Ali. Oh, you’ve finally got a couple of films lined up for this year. Well, good then. Hope they’re worth watching.

Photo credit: YouTube/Screen Gems

4 Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

John Steven Fernandez, Wikimedia Commons

Okay, Natalie, you got married, had a kid, blah, blah, blah…time to get back to work. 2012 was a lost year to us fans. What’s that? You’re going to be in Thor: The Dark World, and a couple of other flicks during 2013, one with Christian Bale? Much better. Thank you.

Photo credit: John Steven Fernandez, Wikimedia Commons

3 Jessica Alba

Okay, Mrs. Warren, enough is enough. When I do a search for you on IMDB the movie that shows up next to your name (i.e. the one you’re most recently and best known for) is Sin City. That was released in 2005. Eight freaking years ago. In the last two years you have made just two films, one a kids movie, and now you’re doing voice work for animated flicks? What’s that? Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For you say? In 2013? Okay, we’re all good then, but no more of these extra-long extended breaks between movies, okay? Please?

Photo credit: YouTube/Dimension Films

2 Emmanuelle Chriqui

Since Entourage ended Ms. Chriqui has had roles in 10 films or TV shows. Not bad, right? What if I said that of those 10 parts six of them were voice roles? I’d say, “What a freaking waste.” Manny, you’re 35, even though you look 25, so the clock is a-ticking (slower than for us mere mortals, but still, it is ticking), so I am glad to see that there is the potential for you to be appearing in as many as five films this year. We’d settle for three though as long as you have a major part in all of them.

Photo credit: YouTube/Charles Perry

1 Minka Kelly

Well, Charlie’s Angels didn’t exactly work out as we had hoped, did it? Went about as well as Minka and The Captain did. And that ended in 2011 – two damn years ago. So what has she been up to since then? Oh, that’s right. Not a damn thing. And now she’s going to be playing Jackie Kennedy in The Butler, a movie in which she is about the 14th name down on the credits. I guess beggars can’t be choosers, be it us or her, huh?

Photo credit: YouTube/Esquire

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