WWE Diva Nikki Bella is someone you should really be following on Instagram

Usually for our weekly “Hot on Instagram” feature we look at a lovely lady that’s a bit lesser known, but with the return of Total Divas this week we checked out Nikki Bella on Instagram and wow, we were NOT disappointed. So we share…

Nikki on Instagram: @baciamibella

She has over 466,000 followers and even at that remarkable number it should be higher because of the over 680 pics she’s shared on there a very large portion of them are simply smoking hot. Her equally sexy sister Brie posts more pics on her Instagram account, over 800, but Nikki seems to be a bit more interested in showing skin than Brie, which might explain why Brie has about 436,000 less followers. Just a hunch. That or it’s because there’s too much “beard” in Brie’s photos.

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Photos: Nikki Bella, Instagram