Xenia Deli restates her case for sexiest bikini model on the planet

On Friday we shared some crazy sexy pics of Xenia Deli modeling bikinis, so since she apparently wasn’t done there and posed for yet another bikini company recently we have even more hot photos of her to share. Wasn’t that nice of her? (Oh, here’s those pics from Friday, in case you were curious.)

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Xenia Deli modeling bikinis for Luli Fama, but it might be the best time. This set of bikinis might be the hottest they’ve ever put out. Of course putting them on models like Xenia and Hannah Davis sure doesn’t hurt their cause. Friday I wondered if Xenia might be the best bikini model currently in the world. She certainly puts up a strong case, but I am going to have study her body of work a little more before rendering a decision.

Want even more sexy Xenia Deli pictures and videos? We’ve got you covered right here.

Photo credit: Luli Fama