Here Are the Top 25 American Universities with the Most Influence on the Internet

The Global Language Monitor, a thing that seems to be legitimate, conducts an annual TrendTropper MediaBuzz Survey, which is designed to measure the schools with internet clout. Nerding out a little bit, but the survey notes that the biggest trend in 2013 was the rise of public schools–you know, like larger state schools with dope football programs, extremely hot girls, and a penchant for not always feeling like going to class. This isn't necessarily surprising given the fact that the internet seemingly becomes more of a thing each and every day, but probably something to keep your eye on nonetheless. 

So with that, here are the 25 schools with the most online influence. Each school's 2012 ranking is listed in paranthesis.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1)

2. Harvard University (2)

3. Columbia University (4)

4. Stanford University (8)

5. University of California, Berkeley (14)

6. Yale University (9)

7. University of Chicago (3)

8. University of Texas, Austin (10)

9. Cornell University (6)

10. Princeton University (15)

11. University of Pennsylvania (12)

12. Ohio State University, Columbus (16)

13. University of Washington (13)

14. University of California, Los Angeles (7)

15. New York University (20)

16. University of Wisconsin, Madison (5)

17. Virginia Tech (19)

18. University of California, Davis (17)

19. University of California, San Diego (22)

20. University of Minnesota (35)

21. Georgia Institute of Technology (23)

22. Johns Hopkins University (24)

23. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (28)

24. Duke University (21)

25. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (13)

[H/T: Mashable]

College laptop image via Shuttershock