3 Things You Need to Do Before Spring Break

Sure it’s not Spring Break unless it’s SPRING BREAK!*@#*@!!1!!, but too many bold letters and you’re living a scene from the Hangover. And in a world where our insistence on the virtual can sometimes get us into some trouble (read: Te’o), Spring Break is not exactly the opportune situation to end up like a forgotten piece of fried catfish.

So here are some important things to keep in mind–the sort of stuff that may get lost in the shuffle because, well, it’s easy to overlook the less exciting aspects of Spring Break. But if you don’t want to spend the entire trip in a stew of easily preventable regret, read on:

Rule Number One: Don’t Settle for the Knockoff Mac Charger

If you have a Macbook and have lost, broken, or brazenly thrown your computer charger into a nearby lake, you’ll know that a replacement charger isn’t exactly a throwaway expense. Given that the legit version is $80 ($80!), it’s pretty tempting to scour the interwebs and find a knockoff version for about half that price. Except that you might learn the hard way (like I did), and realize that a $35 replacement charger costs that little because it, umm, it doesn't exist.

Just like the trials and tribulations of your laptop juicing devices, it gets tempting on Spring Break to find those sorts of “too-good-to-be-true” deals; the type that’ll enable you spend the majority of your budget entirely at the bar, wooing the locals with that seemingly endless tab.

Except that especially when dealing with airfare hotels, etc., “too-good-to–be-true” often means just that.

In order to avoid these sorts of trip-ruining transactions, make sure to really investigate the source website. A really easy way to do this is to check for “trust seals” (such as the Norton security seal), to verify the legitimacy of what’s being said.

Rule Number Two: Protect Your Phone

Under normal circumstances, losing your phone nowadays constitutes a minor crisis–the most painful of which includes figuring how to wittily word your “lost phone, need yo numbers” event page. But on Spring Break? Not a good way to relax, that’s for sure.

This thing is your lifeblood, now more than ever. Take the extra step and install security software like the Norton 360 Multi-Device, which will ensure that if you phone is lost or stolen, you could locate and temporarily lock it from unwanted and shady characters.

Rule Number Three: Take the Road Less Traveled

This applies to Spring Break in general–you’ve only got a week to make it count, so best (somewhat responsibly) venture outside your comfort zone. But it also applies to wireless networks, particularly those public hotspots where, despite being able to ACCESS WHATEVER YOU WANT NOW!!!, there’s also many a risk. In other words, these places are basically dark, empty streets where pickpockets and worse #dowork.

So if you must plug-in at one of these places, it’s probably a good idea to protect your information with a personal VPN like the Norton Hotspot Privacy application so that “you” don’t end up dropping $2,500 on an elaborate night out somewhere in Singapore.

So remember. Just like those wild nights where you set your morning alarm BEFORE you engage in world-changing debauchery, take a hot second and ensure that you’re protected. ‘Cause as we all know, lack of protection could lead to some prettaayy nightmarish results.


spring break sign via shutterstock