5 Things We Learned Today About College Freshman

College students are making decisions about where to attend based on the economy:

Two-thirds of incoming freshmen (67 percent) said their choice of which college to attend was significantly affected by current economic conditions, up from 62 percent two years ago, when UCLA first asked the question.


They're living with their parents! Laaaaaaaaaammmeeeeee:

More are also deciding to live with family or relatives (17 percent, up from 15 percent last year) and fewer in dorms (76 percent, down from 79 percent a year ago).


Almost all of them think they're going to graduate in four years. LOL: Good to have goals, guys! It's funny because, according to another recent study, 46 percent of America's college students don't graduate within six years.:

About 84 percent expect to graduate from college in four years. In fact, only about half are likely to do so.


They want jobs after graduating! 

Among reasons for attending, getting a better job was the most common response and hit an all-time high of 88 percent, 20 points higher than in the mid-1970s. Other top reasons most students reported include making more money and gaining an appreciation of ideas.


Politically, they are more “middle of the road” than four years ago:

Politically, compared to 2008 when President Barack Obama was elected the first time, fewer freshmen now identify as liberal (30 percent, down from 34 percent). More students call themselves middle of the road (47 percent, up from 43 percent) and the number calling themselves conservative is about the same (23 percent).