8 Tips For College Bros To Tinder Better

We’re at that point where pretty much everyone in college has at least one Tinder story, except for those jerk couples who met first semester first year and are still together…jerks. The rest of us are left to screw around with our profiles and asking our roommates for advice in the hope of looking normal and also hot. Here are some tips from a long-time Tinder girl to get your profiles whipped into shape.

1. Be interesting in your “About me” section

The about section is your one opportunity to set yourself apart from all of the other bros on Tinder, because let me tell you, after a few weeks you all start to look the same. Ask the local funny-guy on your hall for a quick one-liner and put that in there, along with your college and year. Done.

2. Pictures with friends are good, as long as we can tell who you are.

There is nothing like trying to guess who “Jack” is in a line of 6 fraternity brothers on a small Tinder pic. Having a few pictures with friends is good because it makes you look normal, but if she can’t even tell if Jack is the guy she thinks he is, she is probz gonna say nah and swipe left.

3. Take a second look and ask yourself, do I look interesting?

Are you super into the outdoors? Post a pic of you and your friends on the top of a frigging mountain preferably with a dog because, and this is a fact, bitches love dogs. Do you lax? Post a picture of you laxing on the IM field. It’s that easy. Don’t be one of those guys with 5 weird bathroom selfies with their shirt pulled up that say nothing about you, because it looks like you have no friends—convince her you’re cool, and you’re not that one frat brother who everyone hates.

4. No high school pics.

You like those pictures because you were 15 pounds lighter and hadn’t fully embraced the dad bod since you were laxing six days a week, but especially if you’re older than 19, it’s pretty damn obvious if those pictures are from high school. Don’t try and set an unrealistic precedent for what you look like—just throw up some images of you and your bros in some decent lighting, or you with a puppy, and you’ll be fine.

5. Conversation first, then ask for sex.

Yes, I am sure that there are at least a few ladies out there on Tinder who will respond to a quick “hey…DTF?” with a “yes.” You’re right. BUT do you really want to take a chance on every hot girl you see being that kind of girl? No. Because, especially in college, a lot of girls are way more likely to keep talking to you after making an effort by making a joke (even if it’s bad!), and, alternatively, will get creeped out by an attempt to convince them to have sex with you without knowing anything about you.

6. When in doubt, go for a compliment.

It can be intimidating to message a really hot girl first, and you don’t want to fuck it up by sending an iffy pick up line (i.e. my friend loves them, but I don’t—just depends on the girl). Compliments are, 95% of the time, a great opener because they start off the conversation on a really positive footing. Everyone likes compliments, so as long as you don’t say something like, “You look like you would be good at head,” you’ll be fine.

7. If you decide to meet up, make sure it’s somewhere she could get to herself.

This isn’t always intuitive for dudes, but girls like to have an exit plan, and meeting you there is way safer than you picking her up in your mom’s SUV. Even though YOU know you wouldn’t do anything like that, she doesn’t.

8. Try not to fumble the ball in the endzone.

She is down to hang out, so what do you do now? My suggestion is to suggest initially meeting in a public place, like a Starbucks, to get a feel for each other and then later you both can decide if you want to continue things. This is a good strategy whether you’re looking for a quick lay or a relationship. In the instance below you might say, “Yeah! If you end up going out hmu, maybe we’ll end up at the same party. 🙂 “