Guy Goes Around Asking Spring Break Chicks If They’ll Have Sex With Him, Gets Absolutely RAVAGED By Their Responses

by 3 years ago

“24? That’s old!”

“Umm…you’re a little skinny.”


“Take off your glasses…*looks at face*…no.”

“Shave that thing on your face.”

JEEZ this guy can’t catch a break. The only “Yes” responses he gets are followed by “If I didn’t have a boyfriend,” and considering that literally every other girl was either like “Ew” or “No” it’s fairly safe to assume the wifed-up chicks only said yes out of pity. Then again, it’s not like he should’ve been expecting anything different – he walks up and asks chicks if they’d bang him without any decent verbal foreplay. Plus he’s got a microphone. Who trusts a dude with a microphone on spring break asking chicks to fuck him? No one, that’s who.

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