Arizona State Had 400 Arrests After Its First Weekend In Session Because Its Students Rage THAT Hard

On one hand, this is stupid impressive. 400 arrests over one weekend? That’s a fuckload of people being arrested considering the only thing they were doing was being stupid drunk…and underage, but whatever. You know how many people were arrested after Kentucky beat Louisville in the 2012 NCAA basketball championship and Kentucky fans started to riot in celebration? Ten. You know how many were arrested when Maryland rioted after losing to Duke in 2001, the year Terps decided to set shit on fire and cause $500,000 worth of damage? Not 400. But college kids being college kids, aka being drunk as fuck? Yeah, fuck them.

A police task force focusing on Arizona State University student partying made 392 arrests over the weekend, the Phoenix New Times reports.
Nearly all of the arrests by the Tempe, Arizona task force were for DUIs or underaged drinking. One incident involved partiers throwing beer bottles at police from atop a high rise apartment, according to the Arizona Republic.
This is the second year a task force has attempted to tackle wild partying around the ASU campus. IN 2013, police made more than 1,300 arrests over three weekends. The school is frequently cited as a top party school. University officials often engage in crackdowns on student partying after being named a big party college.

Via Huffington Post

Now the DUI’s and aggressive bottle-throwers deserved to be arrested, but out of the 392 arrests only 146 were DUI’s, and we can probably assume the remaining 246 weren’t comprised solely of drunks throwing bottles at cops. ASU is fighting an uphill battle here, considering they’re known as one of the top party schools in the country and a degree from there is worth just as much as a napkin with the words “DUH-GREE” scribbled on it in crayon. In other words, you don’t go to Arizona State to learn, you go there to party. Leo knows.


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