Please Try This Move With Another Bro Today, Because You’ll Fail, And It Will Be Hilarious

by 4 years ago
Barrell Roll


This one really boring, snowy, crappy afternoon in the fraternity house, a bunch of us created a game called couch Bobsled Couching. Our basement had a very long, narrow hallway that led into a massive room where we hosted parties and events. The floor was linoleum, and when it got wet, it was as slick as ice.

One of the couches in the basement was on wheels and we figured out if three men stood on one side, pushed and ran alongside the couch down the hall and jumped onto the couch before hitting the main room, it was almost like bobsledding. Did I mention we dumped water on the floor? Did I mention the object of the game was to make it to the other end of the room in a straight line and smash into a wall? Did I mention it was sick fun? Alright well I’m mentioning all that shit now.

The point I’m making here is when a bunch of bros get bored and start inventing games it leads to weird stuff. This Vine is what happens when bros get bored in the dorm and try dumb shit. I’m not even sure what to call this move. The barrel roll? The tarantula? The “who lands face first on the other dude’s sack first”?

I’m not sure what’s stronger — these bros or their underwear.

[H/T: Reddit]