Frat Bros Shared Their Best Rushee Stories And You Almost Gotta Feel Bad For The Kid In The Eagles Jersey

Bid week can be nerve wrecking as hell for rushees. The pressure of trying to get into a good frat is just too much for some dudes to handle, and they buckle. When their nerves break down that usually manifests itself in the form of verbal diarrhea, aka that rushee saying or doing some completely asinine shit that he thinks might be perceived as cool.

More often than not rushees come off as way too try hard, because they have a preconceived notion of frat life and are trying their hardest to fit in. This results in some funny as fuck stories for the frat bros passing out bids, and a bunch of bros got together and shared those stories.

Part of me wants to feel bad for these rushees because they’re clueless, but the other part of me thinks these kids are absolute morons for some of the foolish shenanigans they pulled. Also, if you were in a frat and you’ve got rushee stories that can top any of the ones below then hit me up on the our anonymous ‘Tip Off‘ form and I’ll put them together in a part 2 article.

Anyways, let’s get to the best r/frat rushee stories:


Some kid yesterday told an active that his first party was with the house, and he got a girl to come home with him by telling her he was in the house.

Another kid came in the second day (business casual) wearing a black dress shirt, a black and purple bow tie and a gaudy ring on his pinky. He then brought the ring up to every active he talked to bragging “I got this ring by being the best goalie in the state,”. Both got cut mid party.


I have myoclonic seizures, which where my arm jerks and I drop or throw things. I was standing behind an active brother who was talking up a rushee. I had a piece of pizza in my hand and had a seizure and that piece of pizza ended up on this kid’s face.
I have never seen someone cry so hard, or run like he did, but that kids wailed and then ran like Forrest Gump.


Interviewer: “so, to start, tell us about yourself.”
Retarded rushee: “well.. I work hard, so I can play hard, and I ball out son. Gettin them grades, getting turnt you know how it is. ”
This was a 17 year old fat white kid from jersey. Obviously didn’t get a bid.
Also, he wore an Eagles jersey to the interview.


I watched some rushee try to impress a girl at a rush party by spraying her keychain-pepperspray into his own mouth because “that shit’s not even spicy”. He spent the rest of the party vomiting and drooling over a railing. Never saw him again.


Kid told me that his interview was “the best thing he’s ever done in his life.” Also told actives that he “feels like we’re best friends even though we’ve only been talking for 5 minutes.” These are legitimate quotes from the kid.
EDIT: Kid also bragged about how many selfies he takes with hot girls at parties and tried to show me his gallery. At that point i just politely stopped talking to him but he insisted we were great friends. RIP


During a house tour a rushee saw my fear and loathing in Las Vegas poster and proceeded to try to sell me acid and talked about how he did acid once a week.


We wouldn’t let some creepy kid make out with an actives (actual) sister. He got mad, because he was drunk, and said he didn’t want to be part of our “pussy gang” then left. Next day he comes back sobbing because he wants another chance and needs to belong to a group. We kicked his ass to the curb.


Kid comes up to a brother at Greek Carnival and in the course of talking says “I just wanna fuck mad bitches.” Never saw him again.

re: this one. If I had to guess why they never saw him again I’d say it’s probably because he’s out there in the world fucking mad bitches, no?


So we had a guy rushing us who looked like a little bit of a goober but I and a few other actives liked a lot. He was good with girls, intelligent, and charming. He made it to the last party we had during rush, a big mixer off campus with a sorority on Saturday night. I went home early to do homework (I know, junior year sucks.)

Guy ended up punching out two windows, throwing up on himself and our couch, and tried to fight a brother of another fraternity who is a close friend of ours. After we separated them, the rush started ranting in the bathroom about how he was going to stab our friend, how he was dangerous because he dealt weed in high school (despite the fact that he went to a private high school attended by white suburbanites in DC.) Needless to say, no bid.


Had a kid show up to a rush event in a “legalize cocaine” tank, he ends up not getting a bid. A few months later we see his mugshot on facebook, he got busted in his dorm with like a half pound of weed and selling paraphernalia, as well as a ton of xanax. The irony.


Kid told one of us that he’d like to tongue dive their mom’s fallopian tubes.


He played patti cake with a girl on our band stage


This dude went around showing us videos of his birth during rush.


We asked a kid in an interview if he’d rather bang a girl with no arms or no legs. Kid didn’t even need to think.
“Easy, no arms. That way it’s easier for her to leave in the morning.”
I had to say I was pretty damn impressed. That was definitely a first


Guy came to rush BBQ with massive back brace. Found out he broke his spine skiing off a 60 foot cliff. We bidded him

Alright bros, as mentioned above if you think you’ve got some stories that can top these then check out our anonymous ‘TIP OFF‘ form, send me your story, and I’ll share it in a Part 2 of this article at some point this week!

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