If You Want To Get A Job After Graduation, These Are The Best College Majors To Choose

Just having a college degree isn’t going to get you a job after graduation. You already know that. You can increase your chances of employment based on your major. You already knew that too. But do you know which majors are most likely to lead to a full time gig after graduation day?

Well, now you know that too. According to a new report from researchers at Georgetown University, these are the majors that will most likely lead to work.

Wondering what to major in? If you’re a college student wondering what you’ll do after you graduate, it might be good to know that young workers with degrees in agriculture, mining, teaching and medicine are in high demand. So are those who studied physics or chemistry. But if you major in architecture or a social science, you might find it hard to get a job when you graduate.

That’s all according to a new report from researchers at Georgetown University. They found that although the unemployment rate for recent college graduates stood at 7.5 percent in 2012, not all majors gave students an equal chance of finding work. Just 5.1 percent of elementary education majors, 4.8 percent of nursing majors and 4.5 percent of chemistry majors were unemployed after graduating, to take a few specific fields.

So if you’re currently worrying about a final in econ or history, don’t worry about it, because your grades aren’t going to matter when you’re working the drive-thru.

So what’s the take away from all this information? Study whatever the fuck you want. Honestly. If a degree Psychology isn’t going to land you a job, neither will a degree in painting model boats so just figure out what you love and do it. You’ll find a way to make a career out of it. If you don’t, you’ll be on the same unemployment line with classmates who earned real degrees.

Don’t tell your parents I said that. They already fucking hate me.

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