This Chart Re-Ranks America’s Biggest Party Schools Based On Percentage Of Female Enrollment

Every year, the Princeton Review releases one of the more respected rankings on party schools in America. Ranking a school’s ability to party isn’t an exact science and every publication that attempts it often receives a heap-o-shit from students who feel their school was slighted. People be passionate about their partying and shit.

The chart below, weaved together by FindTheBest, took Princeton Review’s rankings one step further and re-ranked the biggest party schools to account for the percentage of female enrollment. As you can see, University of Georgia, while 11th in PR’s rankings, wound up being the top DAWG of party schools when you factor in each school’s female to male ratio. So congrats to them.

That all said, this list is obviously situated in an unfavorable order if you’re a girl looking to go to a party school with more dudes. To that I would say, this is BroBible, the fuck did you expect?

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