Drunk Bro At University Of Maryland Gets Treated Like A Child By A Cop After He Tries Crossing The Street



According to a BroBible reader, the police are cracking down on University of Maryland students acting like assholes. This particular video shows a Bro trying to nonchalantly cross the street while the light was green and the cars had the right of way. To his credit, he made it all the way across only to have a cop run him down, twist his arm, and drag him back across the street like a 5-year-old child.

Per reader email:

Hello! Thought I’d share this one from the first “true” day back at the UMD campus. It’s pretty wildly different from when I was there (2013 Graduate..woop woop), there was a chain link fence put up and roughly 4 cops per corner (4 corners to an intersection) and 20-30 on backup. This video is of (first) two girls getting escorted out of C-stone (we cut in when they’re getting the ID’s taken), and then the guy in blue shirt blatantly jaywalking…the best part is the cop twisting his arm and toddler-crossing him back across the street. His night probably turned south.