Remember the Bro Passed Out at that 2000-Person House Party? He Finally Woke Up to Give a Tremendous Interview

by 4 years ago


Last week, we posted a story about 20-year-old Michigan bro, James Taylor, who threw one of the most incredible house parties of all time. Two thousand people came. TWO THOUSAND FUCKING PEOPLE.

One of those 2,000 party attendees was the man above, 27-year-old Ray Hulin, who was still passed out when a news team came to interview Taylor. Well, Hulin wants everyone to know that A) he goes by the name RATCHET, because of course he does, and B) he fucking went harder than everyone else at that goddamn party and when he woke up, he kept the party going, because of course he did.

[H/T A. Isaac via Nezzy21]


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