There’s A Bro Who’s The Spitting Image Of Kim Jong-Un Roaming Around The University Of Illinois As A Photo Op

If you’re ever trying to think of a way to get close to hot co-eds without being that creep in the corner who skulks a few feet behind girls before awkwardly trying to ask for their number, today is your lucky day: you’re about to learn the exact OPPOSITE skill, aka how to get compsci majors and other programs filled with men men men and more men to ask for photos with you. All you’ve gotta do is dress up like Kim Jong Un, wander around campus as well as various other places near campus and just wait for the mechanical engineers to walk on up and request a selfie. That’s it! Same goes for hot co-eds, albeit with a celebrity who isn’t a heartless and overweight dictator; aim for Chris Pratt and you should be fine.

As for Kim Jong-Un up there, well, apparently the guy’s been roaming around the University of Illinois because…reasons. We don’t know. All the information we have is from this Reddit post, but most of it is just rumors and lore of the pudgy Asian dude who apparently likes it when you refer to him as “Supreme Leader:”

In response to what people are saying or might say:
• I go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, this was at a McDonalds just off Campus
• He may look annoyed, but every time that people came up to him and asked for pictures, he seemed perfectly content and maybe a bit excited for it. In our time there, he probably took a dozen other pictures with people, including selfies.
• I’m not exactly sure why he dresses up like this, but I’ve heard somebody say that he thinks he’s Kim Jong Un’s nephew.

He’s pretty chill actually. He was around on Quad day and popped over to the Illini Veterans table when a couple of Marine recruiters were asking to have us put info out about getting back in. The look on that Gunny’s face was fucking priceless when Kim walked up.

-I played basketball with him at the ARC. Kim can ball.
-So you’re the second person who has met him who called him Kim. Is his name actually Kim?
-He told us his real name, but he was cool with us calling him Kim.

He’s actually on my floor at my dorm in UIUC, the name on his door says “Dragon Kim.”

I go to UIUC and I know this guy. He purposely dresses up as Supreme Leader. I think he used to do commercials in South Korea in the same fashion.

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