BYU Students Turn In Their Roommate For Cooking Meth But — Oops! — He Was Just Making Organic Soaps


Breaking Bad

Note to all Tyler Durden-wannabe college students who spend their free time making organic soaps: You better be forthright to your roommates about what you’re doing in your room OR you might end up like 21-year-old BYU student Bryce Cazier. His roommates called the cops after discovering a “suspicious cooking set-up” in the room of his apartment. Now his lawyer is speaking out for him while the cops try to investigate whatever it is that they found. Via Fox 18:

Investigators with the Provo Police Department have been looking for Bryce Cazier, 21, since his roommates discovered a suspicious cooking setup in his bedroom on Friday.

However, attorney Jere Reneer contends his client was cooking soap, not drugs.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” Reneer said. “He makes organic soaps. He does herbal extracts. He’s kind of into the organic chemistry thing. It would be the Mormon equivalent of brewing your own beer.”

A quick search online shows tutorials for making soap that involves equipment and a crystallization process Reneer believes is similar to what you would see in a drug lab.

“It’s unlikely that the investigators even knew what they were picking up,” Reneer said. “Obviously, it’s clear what they think they saw.”


“This is a returned missionary with no legal history other than a speeding ticket,” Reneer said. “It’s not some meth lab dealer guy that we are dealing with.”

I LOVE that “this is the Mormon equivalent of brewing your own beer” line. Pretty sure the Mormons would call the cops if they discovered that in his dorm room too. What a dick move from the kid’s roommates for automatically assuming his little science project was a meth lab right away. Who would he even be selling meth to at BYU? All the raging, tweaked-out Mormon meth-heads who think alcohol and caffeine is immoral but think Joesph Smith was cool with Blue Sky? Like, ugh, we get it: You guys all watched Breaking Bad. If all your roommate is doing is making is soaps, wait until he starts and underground fight club to start calling the authorities.