People Who Did The Bare Minimum And Were C-Students In School Reveal What Their Life Is Like Now

In school, there was nothing more despised by teachers than mediocrity. Mediocrity was the letter C. Whether it was a plus, a minus or just a straight up bent line, the grade of C said “I just did enough to pass.” An A or B showed intelligence. A D or an F showed a student just didn’t give a fuck. Isn’t that what F stood for?

I was a C student. This was probably partially to blame but the rest was just plain old laziness. I’m obviously not alone as countless former and current C students are reading this post at this very minute (instead of, you know, studying and stuff). Yesterday on Reddit, the C students of the world reunited to let everyone know how they’re doing since once being told in school they’d probably never amount to squat.

Here’s the best of the formerly average:

ReDJeLLo_ : I’m an attorney now. Poor grades through high school. Poor grades in undergrad. Poor grades in my masters program. Poor grades in law school. But you know what they call the person who passed the bar with the lowest score? An attorney.

somewhereonariver: My claim to fame is I was the dumbest engineer in my graduating class. I’m still an engineer though! Suck it, overachievers!

aerosol999: Always hated school and still do. Had shit grades throughout. Now I’m a train conductor and I fucking love it.

parkticketthrowaway: Dropped out of high school. Mostly got Cs and Ds. I just went to school until football was over. Lot of mistakes. Tried college but hated it. (Since a lot of you are confused, I got my GED within two weeks of dropping out of high school, because I knew I would always have to put it on a job application) Anyway, worked different blue collar jobs for the next 9 years. Delivered drywall for 3 years. Framing, siding, roofing. Merchandising for soft drink company. Worked for a retiree’s carpet cleaning business and tried to buy it. He wouldn’t sell it. Ended up making me an offer on my last day with the company but already had plans to move. Ended up moving down south and worked at a body shop washing cars while I took advantage of free college for state residents. Took 4 years to get a 2 year degree so I could go at my own pace. Ended with a 3.9. While going to school, got a job delivering parts around the hospital for IT. Learned from them. Now I work in IT and it’s the best job I ever had.

Wish I wasn’t in my 30’s worrying about my algebra homework, but I’m thankful for the opportunity.

I still see the drywall boom trucks loaded down on cold days and thank God I got out of that hellhole.

JustTheWurst:  It’s 9:20 AM on a tuesday, I just went to the liquor store. I’m a subcontractor. But no one has paid me in a month. Maybe I’ll make rent, maybe I’ll go back to the pawn shop.

My truck sounds like shit. Probably needs an oil change.

I have crippling depression, it’s about 65% my choices and 35% mental illness.

I’m single but that’s mostly because of me. I turn 30 in 2 weeks. What the fuck. I’m a carpenter, but I suck at it. Very honest, though, and timely.

If I had better tools I’d probably do a better job. I cried 3 times this morning. I’m about to take a bubble bath and drink my tall boy. I’d stop drinking but every time I do I have screaming nightmares and sweat uncontrollably. My phone’s broke, my computer’s broke, I have limited contact with the outside world.

My landlord sold the house out from under us. Maybe I’ll have a place to live in 3 months, maybe I won’t. I spend most of my days scrounging for quarters. I lost my debit card, which is great, because I can’t buy more booze. Or gas. Or food. Or anything, really.

The worst part about ‘not giving a fuck’ in your early 20’s is that you have to give a lot of fucks in your late 20’s.

JustTheWurst: It’s actually wednesday. I forgot what day it is.

workwithpoop32: Working for the government…. i never went to college. My wife is a stay at home mom that attends college full time we have 2 young kids. I pay the mortgage, have 2 cars, eat out alot drink beer, watch football, and fish and live a pretty good life for only 1 income!

SMW2012: I was a A+ grade student, and I’m currently getting destroyed by my C-grade student wife, who is currently making 200K a year, on her way to 350K. Sometimes… intelligence, responsibility, and dedication are not enough — you have to have the balls and social acumen to put yourself in a position to succeed.

ghost261: Joined the army for 8 years, got out and got a degree in drafting technologies. I draw in-ground pools now making pretty decent money.

optic4ce : I never applied my self at school as it was more a social event than something I needed to do. C – D grade student checking in.

I now work in my passion of Motorsport running international events such as the F1 earning fairly good money and also have my own motorcycle shop.

*I started off in Australia where grades and school mean a lot less than other countries such as France where with out a degree you are pretty much on minimum wage

Kimmynoodles: Making 90k/year as a software engineer in a super chill environment where I can make this Reddit post with no worries about repercussions.

 EddieBrock77 : I work in a candy factory, full time panning chocolate malt balls.

So let this be a lesson to the average in the crowd — Everyone (at least the people who commented) seem to be doing alright. Except for malted milk balls guy. He seems sad.

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