This Fraternity Hazing Ritual Is Being Blamed For The Death Of A Pi Kappa Phi Pledge At California State

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People, can we stop with the life-threatening hazing? Trying to ban hazing overall clearly isn’t doing jack shit, so maybe a new approach is necessary. Something along the lines of “We know you’re going to do it, just think TWICE about WHAT you’re doing beforehand.” In the case of 19 year old Armando Villa though, pictured on the left above, it’s a little too late for that.

“Armando Villa, 19, was in the mountains of the Angeles National Forest during an overnight hike with other members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity of California State University when they ran out of water around 5:30pm Tuesday.

Villa lost consciousness on the trail before his companions flagged down a ranger who called emerged he was taken to hospital where he later died.
The student’s family says they believe the hike was a hazing ritual.
‘The boys were left out there without shoes and water to kind of find their way out’…

His feet and back were blistered.

‘How do you leave somebody out there without shoes in 100-degree weather?’ asked one of Villa’s distraught cousins.”

Okay so there’s a chance that mayyybe all the kids on the hike were just inept and didn’t realize that a cell phone would be useful…or that they’d need shoes…or…drinking water…yeah okay probably not. If you made it into college and think that hiking through the California mountains in 100 degree without water is a brilliant idea, you should maybe rethink your career path and aim for something that doesn’t require brain cells. As for California State at Northridge and the Zeta Mu chapter of Pi Kappa Phi,

” The university has issued a statement offering condolences to Villa’s family.

The school and the fraternity are cooperating with police as they investigate.

‘The fraternity is cooperating fully with the authorities and university to investigate. In the interim, all chapter activities have been suspended pending the conclusion of the investigation,’ reads a statement issued from Pi Kappa Phi.”

Via Daily Mail

Yeah, no shit all chapter activities were suspended. Thanks for stating the obvious Pi Kapp, maybe next time you can tell me that the sky is blue and that water is wet.

 [Images via Daily Mail]

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