‘Catch The Mexican’ Was a Game Played at This Delightful-Sounding ‘USA vs. Mexico’ Frat Party

I was a complete shithead in college. That's okay. It's a chance to drink to excess and fuck liberally and experiment with psychoactive drugs. That's why your parents started a 529 savings account the day you were born. But what college isn't a time for is being racist. Yet, it seems fraternities and sororities lately are kinda into that shit.  Such as Kappa Alpha at Randolph-Macon in Virginia. From NBC12:

Administrators at Randolph-Macon College are investigating several students and groups who reportedly held and attended a “USA versus Mexico” party this past weekend after photos surfaced showing students dressed like “illegal immigrants” and “border control agents.”

WOOT. Nothing like drinking beer and—HEY GET THE FUCK OFF THOSE BUDWEISERS YOU FILTHY MEXICAN THOSE ARE MY BUDWEISERS YOU GOTTA DRINK CORONA IN THE CORNER LIKE A MEXICAN'S SUPPOSED TO. You think I'm exaggerating here, but one game at this party was “Catch the Mexican,” where border patrol agents ran around trying to catch people dressed as Mexicans (wearing somberos, eating tacos, bitching about E-Verify). Afterwards they beat them with bats to see if candy came out (that last bit is speculative on my part). 

So like, theme parties are great. I went to a lot of them when I was in school. CEOs and Secretary Hos. (Though, I guess in 2013 it would have to be CEOs and Executive Assistant Hos and the women could be CEHos if they wanted to, I don't know, lean in sexily.) There was also Tennis Pros and Golf Hos. Which sure, we could argue all day about whether Ho is offensive, but that's not the discussion we are having. No, the important thing is that those parties were mocking white people, and all (most) the people attending were white. White people mocking white people things is perfectly fine. White people mocking other races and cultures is not. If that wasn't easy enough to digest, I made a handy guide.

Are you a white person in college?
You are probably about to throw a racist party. Please don't. 

[Via Total Frat Move]