The Chalkening: Pro-Trump Chalk Writings Spread To Campuses EVERYWHERE After ‘Outrage’ And ‘Fear’

Two weeks ago, students at Emory University were terrorized and even brought to tears because pro Donald Trump graffiti was scribbled in chalk around the campus. Well bad news for all of our very special snowflakes out there because the diabolical Chalkening has spread to even more college campuses! Grab your binky and your most comforting blankie because these chalk doodles are paralyzingly TERRIFYING!!!

Several pro-Trump slogans were written in chalk at the University of Kansas, causing several children to complain. Shegufta Huma, vice president of the University Senate, was the first to publicly voice her “fear” of the chalk writings.

The University of Kansas twitter account responded by saying, “@therealshegufta just because there is chalk on campus doesn’t mean a Jayhawk did the chalking, Shegufta.” They also posted the policy that allows it.

Another individual equated writing “Vote Trump 2016” in chalk as the same as the Confederate flag.

I don’t believe that there is a large job market seeking out college graduates who have experience in being terrified of words written in chalk.

University of Michigan students were not exempt from The Chalkening, and on Wednesday they found several chalk messages at the center of campus including “TRUMP 2016,” “Build the Wall,” and “#StopIslam,” which was a popular hashtag that trended on Twitter following the terror attacks in Brussels.

What do you think that the Michigan students did?

  • Ignored the chalk
  • Disagreed with another person’s opinion, but respected their right to express it
  • Urinated on the scribble
  • Got chalk and promoted their own thoughts
  • Did a rain dance to wash away the chalk
  • Called the police

If you said “Call the police” you would be correct. The messages, which are easily removed with water, prompted students to call university police. A group of students later gathered to wash the messages off.

“This is so reflective of our student campus and the depths of racism and the things that students of color have to endure and that the administration is continuously silent on,” student Banen Al-Sheemary told the Michigan Daily. “This is just another example.” Al-Sheemary also added that “there should be some kind of emergency number besides the police because a lot of students of color don’t feel comfortable calling the police.”

“Our policy does allow using chalk on sidewalks,” Rick Fitzgerald, spokesman for the university, said. “Unless the speech is clearly threatening in any way we would not typically remove chalk messages.”

“Sometimes, people react differently to different points of view,” Fitzgerald said. “Free speech is critically important to our country and to this campus community.”

The university later issued the following statement:

“Earlier today someone used chalk to write a #stopislam message on the main square in the heart of our campus known as the Diag. Attacks directed toward any member or group within the University of Michigan community, based on a belief or characteristic, are inconsistent with our values of respect, civility and equality. We all understand that where speech is free it will sometimes wound. But our message is this: We are fully committed to fostering an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of everyone. Tonight we are reminded there is much work yet to be done.”

Unfortunately for these spineless, oversensitive toddlers, free speech is a fundamental right which enables you to draw a legitimate presidential candidate’s name in chalk. Sorry, not sorry.

Newt Gingrich, the 50th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, even commented on The Chalkocaust.

The Twitter account Old Row is even handing out prizes for the best pro-Trump chalk writings, which must make these sheltered, trophy-for-losing cowards cringe.

Whether they are motivated because they want to support Donald Trump or because they simply want to troll the shit out of diaper-wetting crybabies, chalk messages have spread to campuses all over this fine country. Old Row and Dan Scavino, director of social media for Donald J. Trump for President Inc., have been doing a fine job of documenting #TheChalkening.

Missouri State

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

University of Kentucky

Oklahoma State University

Mississippi State

Bowling Green

Iowa State University

Loyola University

Ohio State



N.C. State

Marshall University


University of Nebraska

Boston University


University of Memphis

University of Maryland

West Virginia University

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Tennessee Tech

Georgia Southern

West Texas A&M

Florida Southern College

Texas Lutheran University

University of Arkansas – Fort Smith  

Chalkageddon even hit Georgia Southern University, but this entertaining chalkwork poked fun at Hillary Clinton’s possible legal issues.

This is all fun and games now, but wait until you need a permit to buy chalk.

Even middle-aged women are chalking up their quaint gardens with pro-Trump slogans.

Trolls thought they had to do something outrageous to totally annoy people, but it turns out that you only need to write “TRUMP 2016” to infuriate feeble-minded individuals.

Emory students should have chalked their privilege before claiming that drawings hurt their precious feelings and made them feel unsafe because now there is a definite pushback to the oversensitivity, and it doesn’t appear to be ready to stop any time soon. You certainly deserve to be in an institution of higher learning that promises to provide physical safety, but they can not promise a place that you are emotionally safe especially when you fear harmless words written in chalk.

Thank you Emory.

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