HOT Video From Chapman University’s 2014 Undie Run Is Hella Awesome

So college, so awesome. One of the best traditions in the land. California college girls > college girls everywhere else. Via our tipster:

Let me introduce you to a small private University located in sunny Orange County California. ChapmanUniversity is known for it’s beautiful babes, rich boyfriends, and it’s end of semester Undie Run. During the middle of finals on Wednesday night, every Chapman degenerate heads to the equivalent of a Fraternity row (Syc n’ Shaf) in nothing but their undies. They chug beer, funnel vodka, and snort just about anything they can get their hands on. The goal is to not end up on the cover of the OC Register.

Yaaaaassss! Dare we ask, is Chapman University’s undie run the best college undie run?