Christmas gift that every college stoner needs

​Smoking it up with your high school buddies is a quintessential part of college life.  Nothing says “welcome home” like a fat doobie you and your boys just rolled while riding around town in your 2002 Honda Accord.  Sounds gravy right? Wrong.  Smoking while you’re home for winter break is a fucking task.  At school, anybody’s apartment or family room is fair game for a quick chief, but at home you’re in a completely different realm.  Sure, you could drive 20 minutes downtown to your boy’s apartment who’s still living there for most for winter break, but most of you potheads will find yourselves hot boxing your car with your 3 best friends.  For you dedicated hot boxing stoners, check out this christmas gift basket anybody would love to have in their car.

1.Eye drops

Quite possibly the most essential part of this gift basket, bright red eyes are a dead give away to any parent. Eye drops are about as clutch as it gets. Don’t be that guy at a party over winter break with eyes that say “Check me out, I’m stoned off my ass.”

um or mints

Well no shit, right? You’d be surprised how many times you’ll find your breath stinking up a conversation with you and that girl you haven’t seen since senior year, but who has gotten incredibly hot since.

3.Cologne or body spray

Seems like the most appropriate thing to have in your car before you stink it up, but unfortunately it’s forgotten all too often.  Bro tip: there’s no such thing as an overpowering cologne or body spray when trying to cover up the smell of a good time.

4.Air freshener for the rear view mirror

I’ll admit, I was too lazy to get an air freshener for a solid 2 years. Stupid stupid dumb.  Nothing comes more in handy that a solid air freshener.

5.Rolling board

Who the fuck rides around with a rolling board? Anybody who wants a solid blunt rolled in the passenger seat, that’s fucking who. Check out this gem I searched and found in under 25 seconds|1&pl=1&currentURL=?Ns=p_product_qty_sales_dollar|1&facetInfo=

6.J papes

Is any explanation really needed? Fork over $1.25 and get enough rolling papers for a week of constant blazing.


Laugh all you want, but I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve forgotten a lighter and have had to stop at the local gas station to snag a lighter for $1.16. Treat your bro right and get him the 3 pack.

8.Bottle of water

YES!!!!! Nothing tastes sweeter than some water after a smoke sesh.  Don’t be that guy who’s trying to talk to your friend’s parents while constantly smacking your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

9.A mason jar

A safe place to store your bud while it’s in your car.  Any bro knows the importance of having a solid mason jar to store your goodies.


Fuck being that guy who has to sit there in the passenger seat and pick apart that glorious nug you just snagged for $20. A grinder will save you time, frustration, and bud in the long run. 


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